BHV Engels (e-learning en 1 praktijkdag)

Within every organization in the Emergency Response (BHV) mandatory. Everyone must be well prepared for possible accidents, fire and evacuation. This means it is important to keep the emergency response organization in order. That can be done with our classroom trainings, our combination of e-learning & practical courses or e-learning only packages.

Content of the basic course Emergency Response

E-learning & Practical session
Training goals After the training, the student is able to:

  • Provide first aid in the event of an accident
  • Respond actively in the event of a fire
  • Be able to alarm authorities in emergencies and to evacuate employees and visitors
  • Implement the emergency response plan of your organization in the event of an emergency and test it
  • Keep your emergency response organization active
Target audience For everyone who is responsible for the company emergency services in your organization, who, in the context of the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet), must be able to carry out emergency reponse tasks and who is not in possession of a valid Basic course Emergency Response certificate.
Course duration Approx. 3 hours online learning
1-day practical session
Language English
Course package
  • 6 e-learning modules including practice test per module
  • 2 online theory-exams (required to be completed before the practical day)
  • Practical session
  • Use of bandaging and extinguishing agents and AED
Course content E-learning Basic Course Emergency Response: 

  • Introduction
  • General Emergency response rules
  • Non-emergency first Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Firefighting and evacuation
  • Emergency Response in practice
  • Theorie-exam

 Practical session:

  • Questions regarding e-learning
  • Evacuation
  • Fire
  • Practice fire extinguishing
  • Five important points + Rautek hold
  • Choking
  • Abdominal supine position
  • Stable lateral position
  • Theory CPR
  • Practice CPR with the use of an AED
  • Use of quick bandages
  • Use of a wound pressure bandage
  • Evaluation and conclusion
Conditions The student must be physically able to perform practical actions.
Proof of participation The student must show the Proof of participation at the start of the practical day. The candidate obtains this evidence by going through the Basic E-learning Course and then successfully completing the two partial exams.
Certificate Each student who successfully completes the Basic Course Emergency Response complies with the three main tasks set out in the Working Conditions Act. The student receives a digital certificate in the profile.
Validity Certificate The certificate is valid for 1 year. Students can repeat the course every year with the BHV Refresher course.
Pricing E-learning & Practical session: € 310,- ex VAT
E-learning only: € 69,- ex VAT